Creating Win-Win Relationships with our Clients

nbjr 350Spend your time serving your customers, and not waste time on tasks that don’t focus on your Clients. Our weekly Rental/Exchange programs take buying, sharpening, replacing and sanitizing your kitchen knives out of your hands, and into the hands of professionals for only pennies per day.

Why should I rent my knives? Well, there’s a few reasons. First, it gives your kitchen the benefit of virtually new sharp knives on a weekly basis. Second, you can choose any style of knife from our vast inventory of commercial knives. No more buying a particular knife for a specific purpose, we have them all. Third, A sharp knife is a safe knife. Most cuts occur forcing dull tools. Your cooks will work faster, more efficiently and be happier with good tools!

We can tailor a program just for your needs. Give us a call!

Slicing machine service is also one of our mainstays. We service all major brands and also provide free loaner service. We can also tailor a slicing machine program for you for preventative maintenance which includes sharpening, oiling, minor adjustments and sanitizing. Give us a call!

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