KASCO SharpTech Powermate

powermate meat grinder plates knives

  • Precision engineered of high-strength hardened stainless tool steel
  • Ideal for all large volume meat grinding operations or high horsepower machinery
  • Inexpensively sharpened over and over to provide years of cutting life
  • Powermate components fit any make or model of meat grinder in the "Enterprise" system

KASCO SharpTech Double Cut

powermate meat grinder plates knives
  • Self-sharpening meat grinder system
  • Thinner plate design results in cooler cutting and less meat spoilage
  • Cut meat into appealing strands without smashing it, allowing your meat products to last longer and extend shelf life

Atco Standard

atco image

  • Economical system that meets the needs of price-conscious operators
  • Highly competitive in pricing with disposable European meat grinder knives and plates
  • Made of high-grade low-alloy steel
  • Fully tested to ensure extremely sharp cutting surfaces that will produce uniformly blended ground meat

All Purpose Blades

  • Large Volume/Heavy-Duty Blades
  • One Way Portion Control Blades
  • Swift Tooth Blades
  • Toothed Blades
  • Scallop Blades

Bone In Blades

  • Large Volume/Heavy-Duty Blades
  • One Way Portion Control Blades
  • Toothed Blades

Carcass Splitting Blades

  • Engineered to slice through even the toughest of meats
  • The wider band saw blade adds strength and stability for accurate and straight splits
  • Reduce downtime while breaking and quartering
  • Variety of sizes for specific uses

Fish Cutting Blades

  • Enhanced manufacturing process results in durable and reliable fish cutting blades
  • Eliminate product discoloration during cutting
  • Minimize product waste
  • Provide durable, reliable, and sharp cutting edges
  • Available in a variety of product configurations